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Tropical and Marine Fish Tanks

Why is My Fish Tank Cloudy?

Posted by in Aquarium Problems, Water Quality | 0 comments

One of the most common issues with fish tanks is cloudy water. In most people’s minds, the ideal aquarium has crystal clear water,...

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Caring for Discus Fish On Freshwater Aquariums

Posted by in Tropical Fish | 1 comment

For those who believe that freshwater aquarium can’t match marine in regards to brightly colored fish, I want to introduce you to...

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New Tank Syndrome And How To Prevent It

Posted by in Aquarium Problems | 0 comments

New tank syndrome is the term people use to refer to unexplained death of fish in an aquarium that is new, or under 3 months of life. Most...

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Should A Novice Start A Saltwater Aquarium?

Posted by in Marine Aquariums, Starting an Aquarium | 0 comments

For somebody new to the hobby, the visual appeal of a marine aquarium with brightly coloured fish and interestingly shaped corals may be...

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How To Raise Or Lower Aquarium pH Naturally

Posted by in Starting an Aquarium | 2 comments

Being the proud owner of a well balanced aquarium often comes with a lot of learning about water chemistry and test water results. One of...

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